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We are a Lockwood focused provider covering large parts of the community.


Getting Service

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406 272 8850


Lockwood School

Lockwood Internet is a Lockwood Montana focused internet service provider.  We specialize in high-value services without gimmicks.   Simple, straight pricing with no hidden fees.



We are also happy to answer any questions on WiFi issues, home routers, and fully managed home networking to make things simple and hands off.  Just ask your installer!


Service Plans


$55 Standard – up to 25Mbps downloads

  • no quotas
  • Enhanced service for Netflix streaming or online-gaming

$75 Standard – up to 50Mbps downloads (select availability)

  • no quotas
  • Extra download speeds for big files, video game updates, etc

$** Plus – need more?  

  • customized plans to suit your needs
  • pricing substantially less than area competitors
  • quality network.  Our well designed, quality network reduces service calls and repairs which saves us money.  That’s how we can offer such great prices.


business services are custom designed for your needs.  Work from home and need something a little different?  No problem.

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