Blocking – We do block certain ports and services that are often the source of exploits and viruses.  The specific services are inbound ssh, mail server, dns server requests and outbound mail server requests. Any of these ports can be opened up for your use upon request providing they are not compromised.  These blocks do not affect consumer use or the sending and receiving of email, only the operation of private servers and compromised systems.

Privacy – We are required by law to implement a CALEA system which provides law enforcement with detailed activity of a customer upon request.  These orders typically come with a gag order as well, which doesn’t allow us to notify the user.  *TO DATE (2018/09/30), WE HAVE NEVER RECEIVED SUCH A REQUEST* and our obligations under gag orders do not prohibit us for stating whether we have received any.

If you want to protect your privacy on ANY network, you should explore options such as a VPN service.

Please take special note that BitTorrent downloading without a VPN service will almost certainly get you reported.  It bears repeating that anything you want to be private should have EXTRA care taken to keep it private, ie a VPN.   We do not to arbitrary banning so you will receive some communication and we can help you resolve these issues.

Our network is a transit network, we do not inspect the contents of the data and only engineer traffic to keep the network running at top efficiency.  We cannot tell you what kind of data is being used at your home, including what your kids might be using etc.