How do you measure ‘high speed’ internet?

Speed is a confusing term when looking at internet service.  It’s 2 components.  Throughput is the Mbps of the service which translates into how long it takes to download large files or what quality of Netflix you can watch.  This isn’t what makes web-pages load faster.  Latency is the quickness, it’s the 0-60mph of internet specs.

What do you need for fast internet?  3Mbps makes for fast web browsing or a single HD Netflix stream.  If you have multiple people using your internet at the same time then 7Mbps is enough to watch 1-2 HD Netflix streams and browse the web comfortably.

You may wonder why Charter sells 60Mbps and 100Mbps plans if that’s not needed for a good internet experience.  Well, they are generally selling those because they know most people wont use it all and they can market a big number.  There are certain situations that a large download speed helps, like video game updates, but 60Mbps isn’t better than 7Mbps for a 1080p HD Netflix stream.

So what’s this mean for Lockwood Internet?

Charter is subsidizing high demand users that really do use the 60-100Mbps plans by forcing all customers to buy that plan at the premium price.   If you are a high demand user, this is great for you.  For typical internet users though, this means you are paying for a premium service you don’t need.

We operate on microwave and millimeter wave radio, and are pushing the technology to faster and faster connections to make sure you have the high speed internet feel even when you are off the cable network’s footprint, or you’d just like to go with a local company instead of the mega-corp of Spectrum-Time Warner.

Our standard plans are all designed to deliver great speeds so you don’t have to ration out internet access in your home.  Watch Netflix while your kids play Xbox.  A computer update shouldn’t make everything else unusable.

In some areas we do offer value plans for those that just need good internet, but don’t need video streaming or fast access to gaming networks.  We can do these for as little as 1/2 Spectrum’s price.